Joe Gazzo is a portrait artist, ranging from sports figures and celebrities, to simply put, everyday people.

Joe GazzoBorn and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Joe’s interest in art goes as far back as he can remember, always mesmerized by the “realism” created by artists ranging from Norman Rockwell to Michaelangelo.

As Director of Education at the Baseball Heritage Museum at Cleveland’s historic League Park, he enjoys teaching his craft to those who live in the community, including one of his students who’s portrait of Francisco Lindor found a home in The Smithsonian Institute.

Published in National magazines such as “Helmar’s Baseball History and Art”, as well as “Spitball”, Joe’s attention to detail can be found in works that occupy countless homes across the country, as well as Museums including the Baseball Heritage Museum.


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An assortment of Joe Gazzo’s art and events around Cleveland, Ohio

Joe Gazzo